The Nodding Dog: What is the Labour Party For?

Can somebody please tell me what the Labour party is for nowadays?  Who are they supposed to represent?  Who votes for them? – do you?  And if so, why?  What is it you think they will do for you (or to you) that the Tories don’t?

I just don’t get it: who sticks up for the unemployed now?  Or the disabled?  Or the homeless, or the low-waged, or the sick?

I don’t see Labour doing anything at all but agreeing with the government’s plans: they are like a nodding dog in the back of a car driven by Cameron, with Clegg occasionally grabbing the wheel for a few seconds before Dave takes it back again.  So what the hell are they for?

In the past, whether you agreed with them or not, you knew what they stood for.  They stood for worker’s rights against exploitation; they stood for defending the NHS and (occasionally) for nuclear disarmament.  True, they didn’t always do these things very well, and sometimes they didn’t do them at all – but they were the only major party with any claim to stand up for the weak and exploited.

But now?  Though they are in opposition, they don’t oppose.  Milliband just sits there and nods as Cameron pushes through all the budget cuts and privatisation agenda, as he cosies up to the banks and millionaires: as he hits the poor and disabled and members of his party scoff at those who use food banks: all the while Ed nods along and only opens his mouth to say ‘Yeah, right on Dave!’ in that weird nasal voice of his.

So what are they for?

Beats me.

So if you’re in Leicester tonight come along to the Left Unity meeting.  Duffy’s bar, Pocklington’s Walk, 6-8 pm.

Kirk out