It’s the Stupid Economy

This week I’ve been re-reading Val McDermid, but I shan’t focus on that: instead I shall tell you about a rare excursion into non-fiction as I’ve been reading Mark’s paperback ‘Tescopoly.’  Subtitled ‘How one Store Came out on Top and Why it Matters,’ this book gives you a million reasons why you should NEVER shop at Tesco.  It should be obvious to all of us by now that Tesco has only one aim, and that is to do everyone else out of business.  Not only the other supermarkets – that’s too small: they want to do EVERYONE out of business – small shops, corner newsagent’s, dairies, petrol garages, travel agents, markets, financiers and even estate agents.  They want a one-stop shop for everything you can imagine, and probably some things you can’t: they already sell (strictly restricted) fiction and I am awaiting any day now my invitation to perform poetry at my local ‘store’.

I make it a point of principle never to go to Tesco’s and I try constantly to persuade our son not to shop in our local aircraft-hangar: a monstrosity which was instrumental in helping to get rid of the Bowstring Bridge so that new development could take place.  Instead on a daily basis we go to the local Co-op; we also shop at Iceland, the Turkish supermarket, the local newsagent, the chemist across the road (though they, in their small way, are empire-builders too) and the stationer’s.  In town we also use the Co-op and Iceland as well as the market which still survives in the ancient market-place.  I will admit to doing an internet shop via Sainsbury’s for stocking up on bulk items but nothing short of starvation would tempt me into a Tesco’s.

So do your bit for your local community and boycott Tesco’s now!  And read this book:

There’s also a campaign you can join:

Fight back!

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