Too Hot? Cool off on i-player

Thanks to the hot weather I haven’t been watching much this week, as I’ve been spending every waking hour in the garden.  But I managed to cool off last night by watching another terrific David Attenborough film, this time about the Poles.  No, not the ones next door, although they continue to be as cool as they ever were (why don’t they interact?  I find it really annoying) but the North and South Pole – or, to be more accurate, the Arctic and Antarctic.  It contrasted traditional methods of survival – killing seals and collecting guillemot eggs – with modern expeditions, all equipped to the nines.  In the land of midnight sun they filmed the Northern Lights – strange how they seem almost banal now, so often we have seen them filmed – and then in the Antarctic they explored the new Amundsen base

as well as finding a unique cave with stunning ice formations and filming some remarkable under-sea shots.

So go watch while it’s still available – it’s a great way of cooling off.

Kirk out