A Barbeque Summer?

Well, if you like your barbeques first frozen, then soaked and finally cooked, then this is a barbeque summer.  To be fair, I can’t complain at all about the last two weeks and this week since we can’t afford to go away, I’ve been having a week off, sitting in the garden and reading.  And today we are off to a barbeque in Loughborough.  Shame I’m not feeling very hungry: still, it’s early yet.  The weather was a bit dodgy earlier but it’s turned out nice again, as George Formby was wont to say.

And how true.

That’s all I have to say this morning folks!  Have a good day, whether you are barbeque-ing or not.  But before you go, answer me this: is it ‘barbeque’ or ‘barbecue’?  Which do you favour?  Mark insists it’s spelt with a ‘c’, so help me out here…

Kirk out


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