Mother Gives Birth! Baby is a Boy!! Baby Weights Eight Pounds Six Ounces!!! Now let’s all jump up and down and talk bollocks!!!!!

Sheesh!  We turned our radio on and off so much this morning it was like listening to Radio Luxembourg when it used to fade in and out.  We had a TV like that years ago, too: the house was in a hollow and the reception was so bad that we struggled to recognise faces.  Watching ‘Friends’, we’d peer at the screen and ask each other ‘Was that Joey or one of his sisters?’

But back to the real world – or what passes for it… we seem to be stuck in the Zone of Irrelevance at the moment.  I don’t mind a discussion on the royal succession or some people’s disappointment (mine included) that the baby wasn’t a girl, meaning that it will be a long time before the heir to the throne is automatically female and not in default of a male alternative: I wouldn’t object to comments along those lines.  What I really can’t stand is this sort of bollocks:

There’s a particular kind of gushing sycophancy which is the radio (or TV) equivalent of soppy birthday card verses, which people speak on these occasions and which is just Bad Prose.

Enough already!  Let us return to sanity: let’s look at the rest of the world and see what else is in the news.  Oo! – I found this:

But a big thumbs-up to Private Eye, who have summed up the mood perfectly:


Kirk out