Gone for a Who?

I haven’t watched much on i-player this week either, but I did give a half-hearted look at the BBC’s biopic ‘Burton and Taylor.’  However, Front Row had so comprehensively slagged it off that I was already predisposed to find it unconvincing.  It’s hard to know how far you are influenced by reviews; but when I switched on I was surprised to find that Helena Bonham-Carter – who is a great actor and can do anything she damn-well pleases – did not convince as Elizabeth Taylor.  The guy playing Burton didn’t look much like him but that doesn’t matter: what matters is the Voice – and this guy had a good stab at it but somehow it just didn’t come together.  With Burton the voice is everything: if you don’t get that right you can forget it.  And if you don’t remember just how thrilling and terrifying Richard Burton’s voice could be, then just watch 1984 again:


I probably didn’t give the BBC thing a fair trial, so don’t take my word for it; take a look yourself:


It definitely wasn’t as bad as the Beatrix Potter thing with Renee Zellwegger.  I don’t like Zellwegger anyway but as Potter she reached a new low and I literally couldn’t watch it.  I guess I didn’t give that a fair trial either but then if something is unbearable after just three minutes I think that’s as fair a trail as any, don’t you?

But it’s another Potter who’s been occupying me of late: work is taking a back seat for a week or two and I have re-read JK Rowling’s novels and am now working through the DVD’s.  But since I have nothing original to say about these I shall refrain from further comment.

See you on Saturday I hope at Simon Says: I’m performing at 1.30 on the bandstand stage.



Kirk out