A Pinch and a Punch for the First of the Month

That’s what we always used to say at my school, suiting the action to the word.  Nowadays I rhyme things much better and don’t go about pinching or punching… so, happy first of August to you all.

So – today being Thursday we are talking life on the i-player.  Last night I watched the best of a poor bunch (well, it is the holiday season) which began with Some Boffins with Jokes.  Sadly the boffins weren’t as funny or as unexpected as the Vicars with Jokes; however I did like this one:

A Higgs-Boson walks into a Catholic Church.  The priest comes up and says, ‘You can’t come in here.’

The Higgs-Boson says, ‘But you have to let me in!’

‘Why?’ says the priest.

‘Because you can’t have Mass without me!’ announces the Higgs-Boson.

Har har har.  And the good thing about that joke is that you can pretend to understand Physics as well…

I followed this up with a trip to Room 101 where Miranda Hart was guesting with a rather unexpected John Craven (apparently he is hosting some kind of gardening programme these days) and some young bloke whose name I don’t remember but who was quite entertaining.  Now I like Miranda when she’s not being ‘Miranda’ (if you see what I mean) and I’ve always found John Craven quite personable and sensible, so this was a good watch.  Craven managed to get two of my pet hates into Room 101, which were: spitting (whether in sport or otherwise) and the perverse spelling of ordinary names just to be different (Mychel, Lyz, Marck).  The other guy succeeded in getting blue-tooth headsets consigned to oblivion as well, which was fun; although Miranda tried and failed to get her breasts sent there.


That she doesn’t like them, I mean.

I like mine.

OK that’s quite enough!  No comments please… Here are the programmes:



and here’s an item about spitting:


OH, and finally – I’ve found my yoga CD’s.  If you would like one they’re £5 plus postage.  Just drop me a line.

Kirk out



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6 responses to “A Pinch and a Punch for the First of the Month

  1. Pinch punch… We used to add “…and no returns” to successfully outlaw reciprocity.

    Spock out

  2. and then in return, if you could be quick enough…(it’s all been coming back) – “a punch and a kick for being so quick” !!

    Spock out of breath

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