Help! I’ve Become Trendy by Mistake!

It’s the Caribbean Carnival today and we will be heading up there although the weather does not look promising – the showers could be timed specially to coincide with the procession.  Still, it was supposed to rain yesterday and it didn’t, so you never know: in fact it was very hot as I was walking to Steve’s house for pizza and wine.  We had a great evening eating and chatting and then watching a Hindi film about female infanticide called ‘Nation without Women’.  It explores the consequences for a nation of killing all the female babies, and it sounds like a downer but it had a great ending.  Here’s the shocking first scene of the film:

And that’s about all I have to say today.  Sorry it’s a bit short.  Oh, wait – I know what I was going to tell you: I used to dye my hair all colours of the rainbow – well, green and purple and pink anyway – and in order to do that I had to bleach it first.  So for the last few months I’ve been growing it out, as I was curious to see what my natural colour was (black with threads of silver, if you’re interested) and I’m quite impatient for it to grow out because I think it looks a bit of a mess, what with the bottom half still being bleached.  But!  Lo and behold, every second person I meet seems to think I’ve had something called a ‘dip’ – which I can only assume means to dip the bottom half of your hair in bleach.  So guess what?  i’m actually trendy – or at least my hair is.  That’s the only way I can ever be trendy – by accident.  Can’t do it on purpose…

Kirk out


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