I’m a Pioneer!

Yes, it’s true – twenty years ago I made a speech at our wedding while Mark sat and smiled blushingly – or perhaps blushed smilingly – and nowadays apparently it is becoming much more the norm for the bride to make a speech as well as the groom.


The wedding, that most traditional of forms, is changing: Jolene on the Archers is having a Best Woman, too.


women are increasingly not taking their husband’s name or being ‘given away’ by their father – and does anyone actually agree to ‘obey’ their husband nowadays?  The last person I knew who did that, claimed that it didn’t really mean ‘obey’ but just ‘respect’ – in which case, I wanted to say, why not have both partners saying it?  Not good enough.  Of course, it’s up to them and none of my business, but I don’t understand it all the same.  There was a modern BBC version of The Taming of the Shrew’ which had an interesting take on the whole business, too:


Blimey!  That was 2005.  How time flies… soon we’ll have been married for 25 years and it’ll be time to make another speech.

Must go now as I have to write the prayers for this morning’s service.  They’re all about thankfulness today.

Oh, and here’s a good pic from yesterday’s ramble on Watermead.  We saw a heron or grebe, lots of coots and a whole herd of dragonflies.




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