Making an Exhibition of Ourselves

And with no spam comments at all today, we must content ourselves with gems from the treasure-trove that is The World According to Mark.  Today we had a conversation that went roughly like this: Daniel had written a note saying ‘wake me up at 6 am’, so instead of realising that he’d written a 6 instead of a 9, Mark woke our poor bleary-eyed son at 6.  When I pointed out that it was obviously a mistake, he said:

‘How was Daniel at reading?’

‘Fine,’ I said.  ‘He was a slow starter but a lot of Home Ed kids are.  Once he got going he was very fluent.’



‘Do you think he might be dyslexic?’

‘No!  Why?’

‘He wrote a 6 instead of a 9!’

‘So!  He was just tired!  You’d do the same if you were tired.’

‘That’s just it – I wouldn’t.’

‘Well, I would,’ I retorted, whereupon he said something like ‘Syrizha’.

‘What?’  I was getting weary of this conversation already – and it was only 7.30.

‘If you were learning Squidge* and you’d done the alphabet you wouldn’t write a letter upside down would you?’


‘I mean, have you ever written a letter upside down when you’re dreaming?’


‘Because if you don’t do it when you’re dreaming you’re not going to do it when you’re tired, are you?’

‘I need some air,’ I said, and jumped out of the window.

Seriously.  That was his argument.

* I write ‘squidge’ because I can’t remember what language he mentioned.

And no, I only thought about jumping out of the window – I didn’t actually do it.

Today I shall be going to Daniel’s exhibition.  It starts at 12 and is on the first floor of the Shires – or whatever that monstrous carbuncle is called now – near the Disney shop.

See you there!

And finally, some sad news – a fellow Home-educator has died of cancer.  She was only 60 and had been ill for some time but only a few people knew.  She was a quiet and calm person who loved children and was really good with ours.  She will be missed.

Kirk out

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