The Late, Late Breakfast Show

Rather a late post this morning – after yesterday I’ve been having a laid-back start to the day.  The day began (yesterday, that is) at 3 am with insomnia which lasted until I got up; however it got better when I went out to see Daniel’s exhibition in town.  He and some other yoof have a photographic and art exhibition which they set up themselves in a disused shop-unit in town.  I thought it was great: when we arrived at 2 pm they had already had more than a hundred visitors and they’d only been open a couple of hours!  By close of play four photos had been sold (though not Daniel’s) and a lot of enthusiastic comments made in the book.  So head along and take a look – it’s open all week:

Then we walked down to the Western where there was a Cornish beer and cider festival on: we tried a half of two different beers which were hoppy at first but pronounced ‘twangy’ after a while.  This seems to be the case with all Cornish beers – maybe it’s the water.  Anyway, after that we went indoors and stuck mostly to the Billy Bitter although I did try a half of White something-or-other which was extremely pale and somewhat citrus-y.  i enjoyed it though Peter turned up his nose at the very sight of my brew.  Half-way across the afternoon a jazz-band set up and played mellow, slightly experimental jazz for a couple of hours; towards the end Mellow Baku came along and sang a couple of numbers.  My own taste in jazz runs more towards the traditional than the experimental end; this band were somewhere in the middle I guess.

After that we were starting to get hungry, so we toddled on down to Saardaar’s where we split a couple of delicious dishes washed down with a mango lassi apiece.  Lovely.  And then home, where I watched a couple of old episodes of Black Books (see next Thursday’s post, life on the i-player) before having a drastically early night.

And so to bed.

Kirk out


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