Gay Shame?

Yes, it’s Pride today and we shall be going to watch the procession, after which I am preparing to complain loud and long if people do what they did at the Caribbean Carnival and corral everyone at the gates so they can check bags and frisk people!  Frisking people at Pride is a can of worms because whereas you would normally frisk people of the same sex as you, how is that going to work at a gay event?  I think the whole thing’s outrageous: and whereas it might be justified at airports where there is a realistic threat of terrorism, this does not apply at an event like Pride; still less at the Caribbean Carnival.  There’s far too much of this sort of stuff; bloody cameras everywhere and google streetview invading people’s privacy when they said they wouldn’t and – oh, all sorts of things.


Mark is going to do something weird at Pride, but I can’t tell you what it is.  No, he’s not coming out as gay…

So what else can I tell you?  Holly has just emerged all in black as she is off to work at the Tigers’ Ground.  It’s match-day today and she is working in the bar, much to her relief as she will at last have some money.  Daniel’s exhibition has now finished: they had hundreds of visitors and sold a dozen or so photos: Daniel sold two and Michael, the oldest exhibitor, sold about half a dozen.

And that’s the summer.  Almost over – and my tomatoes are still bloody green…

Kirk out


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