Are you a hypocrite? Take our simple test…


Yesterday was a great day – we began with Tomatoes where as well as enjoying my breakfast I attempted a fiercely fiendish Guardian crossword in which the clues were alphabetical but there was no direction as to where on the grid to put them: this caused me later on to actually buy a Guardian, something I haven’t done for ages, so that I could finish it.  On Saturday the Guardian is a mixed bag: the paper is fine, the review section is interesting but the magazine is frankly trash – and as for the rest, it comes under the heading of what Mark calls ‘handy throwaway sections.’

Tomatoes was followed by a trip into town to visit the Vintage Clothes Fair at the Cathedral where, as Richard III gazed down benignly upon us, I was very tempted by some of the leather bags on offer.  Mark won’t wear or use leather, though, because he doesn’t want to be accused of hypocrisy: it doesn’t happen quite so much nowadays but people can be very quick to point the finger if you’re, say, vegetarian but wear leather.  ‘Ah!’ they say gloatingly, pointing a finger trembling with laughter and quaking with self-righteousness, ‘but I bet you wear leather, don’t you?’ – as if that undermines your every effort to do the right thing.  People are very hot on consistency, I find.  Never mind that you’re trying to do something good: the fact that there is some inconsistency in your actions, seems to them to undermine the whole process.

It doesn’t happen in some areas – if you’re trying to give up cigarettes, say, and just have a couple after dinner, most people will probably say ‘well done’ or ‘good on you!’ – the same if you’re trying to give up alcohol and just have a glass with dinner.  But if you’re actually adopting a different lifestyle, then God help you if you’re inconsistent in any way – because that will undermine your entire way of life.

Anyway, after the Vintage Fair we wandered around and looked at shoes: Mark failed to buy flip-flops (he doesn’t understand that summer is At An End) but I did get a t-shirt from Primark (now that undermines my whole fair-trade stance!) – and so home and later enjoying a take-away from Saardaar’s, our favourite Indian take-away.  Oh, and the evening was enlivened unexpectedly by a visit from a friend we hadn’t seen in ages.  So that was good.  I always enjoy seeing Yvan as we talk half in French and half in English – and a conversation in two or more languages is my favourite form of chat.

Sadly I did not sleep well and have been awake since about 4.30.  Feel quite energised though…

Kirk out


2 thoughts on “Are you a hypocrite? Take our simple test…

  1. Ah, the “but your shoes/boots are leather” is a classic, to be ranked with “that poor carrot!” Never goes out of style. Fortunately, I’ve never got the comment whilst wearing bowling shoes or (once or twice) borrowed hiking/climbing boots*. So, I’ve always been able to say, “Er, no, they’re not.”

    *Yes there are vegan ones, but big investment for couple of days.

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