A Shoe Event Horizon?

Now, as you know, I am not generally considered a fashion icon – more a fashion moron; or perhaps a fashion Klingon.  I am not much preoccupied with clothes: my screen-time with Trini and Susannah (what happened to them?) is minimal and time spent shopping for clothes is usually cut short, as my patience is exhausted after the second or third try-on and I will either give up or buy the best of a bad bunch.

This also extends to the buying of shoes and bags.  As I mentioned the other day I loathe the traditional handbag; it really annoys me not to have my hands free and to have to remember to pick up and put down a bag wherever I go – not to mention the constant rummaging that many women seem to go in for.  All I need is a small shoulder-bag in which I can put wallet, keys, mobile and my inevitable notepad for writing ideas.  And as for shoes – well, I know what I like.  No heels please; they need to be wide as I have wide feet and I insist on comfort – and I usually go for black as it goes with everything.  So my default setting, if I can find it, is a pair of black Docs.

But! the other day when shoe-shopping I came across a pair of bright shiny red ones (fake Docs, alas! but they look good) and when I tried them on they fitted so well I just had to have them.  Not only that, but when I got them home and posted the inevitable picture on Facebook, I got a load of comments including the offer of another pair – real Docs this time – in electric blue!

They are fab and so far I’ve only taken them off to go to bed.

But there’s not much politics in today’s post, unless we discuss the politics of shoes: I guess anything can be political if you try hard enough.  I once went barefoot for a couple of weeks in the summer (it’s quite healthy and reproduces many of the effects of reflexology) but I was forced to quit in the end due to the frankly horrific amounts of broken glass, dog-shit and food waste that exist on our pavements.

Not good.

There!  That’s political.  I can even get in some philosophy about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes… or feet… and we can get literary too as I once wrote a short story about a woman who wore a bag made of video tape.  Yes, they exist – a friend of mine once made one.


Kirk out


One thought on “A Shoe Event Horizon?

  1. I could have written this post:-), hate shoes, my idea of heaven would be to live somewhere that was too hot to need them, ditto handbags (not that climate affects the needs for a handbag I just hate them), they are stupid things. there is a lot of politics to shoes, they are designed (I mean high heels here) specifically to alter a woman’s centre of balance and emphasise her breasts, they are bad for your feet and bad for your posture and of course make her unable to run effectively. Like everything designed for women they are primarily meant to be decorative over functional.

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