Macbeth and the Virgin Mary

So, what have I been reading this week?  Having demolished the Hamish Macbeth like the literary sponge-cake it was, I was left with ‘Petite Mort’, a crime novel set in Victorian Paris *.  Alas, though the evocation of the city in 1900 was haunting (the Paris of the Hunchback of Notre Dame), though the characters were well-drawn and the authorial voice authentic, the story jumped between three sets of people and three time-frames so often that I lost track of everything and eventually returned it to the library whence it came.  I have now exhausted the library’s stock of interesting crime fiction: the only two Ian Rankins they have are ones I practically known by heart; ditto the Val McDermids and Kathy Reichs – -and nothing else really grabs me.  So the only excitement at the library came from being issued with a new card that had an interesting and different picture on it; and being told that two people have signed up for my ‘I Hate Poetry’ workshop on 28th Sept, for Everybody’s Reading week:

Leaflet 1

Daniel did the poster – do you like it?  You should come along – it’ll be fun – and it’s free!

I also picked up a Colm Toibin novella about the Virgin Mary – but more on that next week.  I will just leave you with the plans for Richard III’s new tomb in the cathedral.  Simple and dignified – or a bit of a mish-mash?

Like my week, really…

Kirk out

*and yes, I know that it wasn’t really Victorian Paris but I don’t know what else to call it because I don’t know which republic it was.


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