What Colour is the Future Again?

Today I want to share with you my current morning routine.  Now, in the first days of this blog we had a laptop and so I was able to communicate with my dear readers, from the comfort of my bed.  But nowadays I have to wait until I get downstairs, and so my morning routine looks like this:

1.  Wake up to the sound of tea being poured by Mark.  We used to have a teasmade which woke me up with a purring followed by a series of gurglings and a splash; alas, that died, so now I have tea made by Mark.

2.  Look on the tablet at a series of disappointing emails and the collection of agony, news and trivia that is Facebook.

3.  Talk to Mark.  His sayings this morning included ‘I wonder which is the most boring hormone?’ and ‘I’m not a lentil supremacist’.

4.  Write my blog post in note form.

5.  Listen to the collection of agony and trivia that is the news.  Today the agony is in Kenya and the trivia is a story which thankfully they are NOT calling ‘slutgate’:



6.  I finish my tea and do neti (the nostril-cleaning thing)

7.  Finally, Mark and I consult a higher power (not Jeeves) about our day.

and then I get up.

Today in my thoughts about this post I was considering colours, and what they mean in politics.  In Britain we have red, blue and green which clearly denote particular parties and movements; what we don’t have – in England and Wales at least – is orange.  Orange is a bright, vibrant colour; the fruit is also astringent and often sour.  Is that why it’s usually associated with bigotry?  I cannot comprehend the Orange mentality in Ireland;


likewise the Orange Free State in South Africa was associated with the worst racist tendencies:


and Orange County in Florida seems to be one of the most right-wing in the whole of the US – although, having said that, they have elected Democrats consistently in recent years, so I don’t know about that.


What colour is the future again?

Kirk out

PS  Oh, and Mark went on to say that unless I pronounce ‘Beowulf’ correctly – ie Beww-olf’ (I wanted to put an umlaut over the o to illustrate the diphthong but I can’t find it) instead of ‘Bay-oh-wolf’ as everyone else says – then it won’t scan.

I think his brain won’t scan.

Kirk out


3 thoughts on “What Colour is the Future Again?

  1. On the topic of orange, and this is true. It sounds like a neat metaphor, but it’s real as well. I have a friend who loves being around motorbike racing. She volunteers at the track as often as she can. On the days when she’s there as a St John Ambulance volunteer, she wears green and on the days when she’s stewarding, she wears orange.

    Her happy switching between “green” days and “orange” days is such a refreshing contrast, image-wise, to the orange v green sectarian rivalry in Northern Ireland!

    1. Wow! That’s really interesting. I think colours are deeply significant; politically and in other ways too. Do you know the chakra system? It’s the idea that we have different centres in our being, associated with sex, emotion, intellect etc – and each of them has a different colour. There’s also the idea of ‘hot’ and cold colours, aggressive and calming colours. I also wonder what it means that most cars in the UK are black at the moment – whereas about ten years ago they were red

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