An Alien Jellyfish Stole My Lunch

I had no lunch yesterday, and in the strict sense of the word, no dinner either, just a series of snacks.  It was a busy day yesterday, what with Tomatoes followed by the Vagina Monologues workshop – generally excellent – and then a stonking barn-dance in the evening.  I was up for nearly every dance, and Mark even danced a few with me!  So that was great.

And so to bed…

Apparently this morning some lost Dr Who tapes have turned up in Ethiopia, where they went after being sold at a car-boot by mistake.  Yeah, we’ve all been there… the lost episodes include some with Patrick Troughton, who was my first Doctor.

I shall look forward to seeing them.

Today I shall be mostly… freecycling and going to Yesim’s where I am in the chair.

Kirk out