Si Tacuisses, Philosophus Mansisses

That’s my note to myself this morning.  I’ll give you a translation in a moment – for today’s post is all about well-known Latin phrases with alternative translations.  You know the sort of thing: sic transit gloria mundiCaesar adsum iam forte (Gloria Mundy’s been sick in the transit, Caesar had some jam for tea).  So how many do you know?  I’d like to have them please.  This morning I could only think of these:

ad majorem dei gloria – add marjoram daily, Gloria

et in arcadia ego – I ate an egg in the shopping mall

quomodo vales? – what are they wearing in the valleys?

So I need more please.  Comment below…

and the translation of the title?  ‘If you’d kept your mouth shut we might have thought you were clever.’

Note to self…

Kirk out

PS  ‘Ad majorem dei gloria’ is the motto of the Jesuits, which makes a good connection with the fanatical Christians in Phillip Pullman’s world and a handy link to yesterday’s post.