Ceci N’est Pas La Lune…

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Anyway, this morning Mark showed me a picture of the moon on our tablet.  ‘This is a really good picture,’ he gushed, ‘because you can see…’

What? The Sea of Tranquillity?

‘..all the steps in the pixels.  Look,’ he goes on, with Patrick Moore-like enthusiasm, the resolution is brilliant!  It’s like 1600 x 1400 instead of 900 x 1200 (there may be a slight wild inaccuracy in the figures there).

‘Is that the moon?’ I asked.

”No,’ he said,  ‘it’s a picture of the moon.’

Thank you Mr Magritte.


It’s the Leicester marathon today.


I’m supposed to be cycling to Peter’s but if its anything like yesterday I’ll be getting the bus.  Yesterday we had a very pleasant afternoon mooching round town with Mark’s mum, lunching at the Peace cafe (food good, service awful) then in and out of the Guildhall, the Just shop, Deichman’s (where she bought two pairs of patent leather shoes like mine, one red and one black) and John Lewis’s where The Other Half shops*.  It was then raining with such utter vehemence that I decided to catch the bus home.  I took shelter along with six million other queuers inside the dripping fringes of the Haymarket, and waited.

Twenty minutes later, with not even a sniff of a 104, I gave up and got the 51 which drops me five minutes’ walk away instead of right outside the door (when we move I shall miss having a bus stop right outside our front door).  I kept a look-out for stray 104’s and eventually saw one on its own (normally they travel in packs) which gave me the satisfaction of knowing that I’d made the right decision.

And that was Saturday…

Kirk out

* and I don’t mean Mark