Get Your Frontal Lobes Out For The Lads

I start with some joyful news.  Mafeking has been relieved!  Our endless financial fast is over: no more making do and mending; no more repetitive checking of my precarious bank balance: the Tax Credits sont arrives!  The sense of relief is palpable; for we have now been upgraded from ‘desperate’ to ‘hard-up.’


To continue: Charlotte Church this morning was heard to berate the ageing sexists in the music industry: it is time these exploitative dinosaurs were taken to task and I’m pleased to hear her do it.  She was giving the John Peel memorial lecture:

and she argued intelligently and cogently.  The fact that this was something of a surprise would seem to prove the very point she is making about her dumbed-down and sexualised image.

The very sound of John Peel’s name causes me to feel a mixture of affection and sadness.  He was truly ‘one of us’ – in a universal, not a narrow social-class, sort of way: I caught a glimpse of him the other night as I was watching the BBC retrospective about Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells (see my review of this coming on Thurs) – there he was on the Old Grey String Vest or one of those programmes, sitting in that characteristic hunched-over pose, long hair falling over his face and scalp already balding, completely unaware of the cameras and softly strumming a guitar.

I miss the man.

And what a contrast with his fellow-DJ whose name has become a byword for infamy and disgust!  Savile was on the news once again as yet more victims seem to have come to light: the very sound of his name makes me shudder.

Two very different legacies…

Kirk out