Once again I have not an idea in my head as I start this post.  The theme for today is supposed to be political and social thought; however I do not have a political or social thought, not even of any kind.  Well, that’s not true: I have plenty of thoughts but they’re all of the utterly weary ‘everyone’s saying this and we’ve been saying it for years but no-one’s listening’ kind.  Oh, there is one thing though: on Saturday I shall be going to the National Left Unity meeting in London.  This is the last national meeting before November when the founding conference will decide exactly what the party is and what it is to be called.  I know, I thought it was just going to be called ‘Left Unity’ as well, but some people want it to be called ‘the Left Party’.  It’s just the sort of question that generates a lot of pointless hot air, in my opinion.  But there you are…

I’m hoping that the national meeting will be as positive as our last local one was: not that everyone was in agreement, but that things got sorted fairly amicably and decisions that needed to be made, were made.  I simply cannot stand pointless argument.  I would rather – in many ways – end up with the wrong decision than have hours of wearying debate which don’t get anywhere.  The trouble with organisations which try to be totally democratic (as they should) is that there is debate about everything: for example, on Saturday the agenda contains some rather bureaucratic-looking items at the beginning, and someone in the local group expressed the opinion that these items should not be on the agenda.  Therefore what could happen is that time is spent in discussing whether or not these items should be on the agenda – a debate which wastes more time and energy than the original items would have.  It’s the kind of thing that drives me to despair.

But!  Let us hope for better things.  I’ll let you know next week how it goes.  Meanwhile here’s the national site if you want to know more:


Oo look – I did have some ideas after all!

Kirk out


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