A Perfect Day

This week I have been a busy poet: I’m writing a sonnet on the theft of childhood called ‘The Golden Child’; I shall also be featuring a special Knitting Poem at Pinggk! tomorrow, so look out for that.

And!  Yesterday was a pretty damn-near perfect day: an extra hour in bed followed by church followed by the Fall: a poetry workshop on Autumn themes at Embrace Arts, after which a quick dash to Yesim’s brought me close to bed-time.  And so to sleep…

The workshop was a ‘choreopoem’, a fusion of poetry and choreography which looked great staged (at least I surmise it did as I was taking part: there may be some photos later) and was really enjoyable to do.  We took ideas of autumn and began to construct a poem; then did a mime around some words in the poem.  At Yesim’s I did the poem I’d written and Mark and I did a hand-poem together.  But now, as a tribute to the man, I’ll leave you with the BBC’s excellent video of Lou Reed’s ‘Perfect Day’:



Kirk out