Politics Schmolitics

People don’t seem to be liking these political posts on a Wednesday; I’m not getting many views, so I’m wondering whether to stick with them or change them.  And what would I replace them with?  I would ask for suggestions, but previous experience suggests that a deafening silence would result from that; so I’m going to have to come up with something myself.  And I’m thinking that, since we have a meeting on Sunday at the Phoenix cafe (3 – 5 pm)


to discuss how the arts and politics should interact; I should do something about the arts in these posts instead of just politics.  I mean the other arts; painting, sculpture, music, pottery etc.

The meeting on Sunday arose out of a desire to express politics in a different way.  political meetings are often dull or combative; they are generally business meetings where policy and pragmatism are yoked uneasily together while the group tries to steer a course through to where it wants to be.  Always assuming it has decided where it wants to be, that is.  There is usually some dull but necessary stuff; there may be some opinionated ranting; and there is often jargon which can put outsiders off.  So this is a new way of engaging with politics; to bring the heart and soul – and art and soul – into it.

So come along!

Kirk out


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