Penny for the Treat?

I’m not going to wish you a happy Hallowe-en.  I don’t like Hallowe’en; at least, I don’t like what it has become – and I deeply regret the passing of Bonfire Night.  I do not enjoy the faintly menacing practice of trick-or-treating and I think it’s sad that people no longer make guys and burn them on bonfires after having fireworks.  No doubt the fire brigade would disagree with me; but I enjoyed the totally unhistorical and anarchic feel of Guy Fawkes’ night (unhistorical because Fawkes* was no friend to democracy but an authoritarian royalist).  But still – it was a lot of fun.  When I was a kid we always had a big bonfire and a firework display, and we’d make a guy out of one of Dad’s old suits and stuff it with newspaper.  Lots of kids would roam the streets with their guy in a wheelbarrow calling out ‘penny for the guy!’ – and with the money they’d collected they would buy fireworks.

On the radio, Grayson Perry continued with his excellent Reith Lectures on Tuesday.!/

He’s really got me thinking, and this morning I was pondering the art or science of photography.  Some whereas photography – some photography – has long been accepted as an art form, it also used to be a means of accurately recording events.  A photograph used to be accepted – by and large – as a record of an event or an accurate view of a person; and if you saw a photo of something you could assume it happened.

Now obviously there were problems with this: photos could be faked, but not easily (as in the story of the two girls who faked photographs of fairies: but this was not easy to do, whereas nowadays anyone with average software can photoshop a picture.  So it’s debatable whether photography is now anything but art.

But is it art?  I should probably ask Daniel.  I think his photographs are very definitely art:

Kirk out


*hey!  I’ve just realised the historical connection to Dumbledore’s phoenix there!


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