Does My Ask Look Big in This?

I keep forgetting it’s Remembrance Sunday.  Historically I’ve had mixed feelings about the day: I used to avoid the red poppies because I felt uncomfortably as if they were supporting the war machine; but nowadays I don’t feel that so much.  Usually I try to wear a red one and a white one; except that I missed the white ones this year, so I’ve only got a red one.  But every time I buy one I think it’s outrageous that people have to stand on street corners selling poppies to fund the support that ex-servicemen and -women need.  Just imagine if the government had to have a raffle to buy drones so we could launch an air-strike!  Yes, I know – defence of the realm is one of the primary functions of any government, but how many of the wars fought since 1945 have really been about defence?

It’s a big ask – but it shouldn’t be.

Argh!  I’ve gone and used the phrase ‘a big ask’!  It’s a tall order; a huge challenge; a terrific demand…. there you go.

Kirk out


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