Poetry Please!

OK come on now – I’m asking nicely.  Can I have some of your poetry – please! – so I can put other people’s work on here?  When I reorganised this blog I wanted it to have more of a collaborative aspect and so far that hasn’t happened: so send me a poem or two and I will put them on.  I won’t comment unless you specifically ask me to, so what have you got to lose?  Others will read your work – it’s a win-win situation.  I am hourly anticipating a contribution from Marie-Christine and here, from me to her, is the poem she wanted to read: it’s about my attempts to walk to France when I was four years old and is a translation of the poem ‘Rye Harbour’.  I first performed it at Pinggk’s ‘In Translation’ evening:

Rye Harbour

1.  Longtemps la mer lointaine s’ecoule

ou nous sommes alles en vacances

par ce sentier Saxon qui roule

loin des eaux qui vont a la France;

sentiers mysterieux sans fin,

sentiers qui font mon chemin.

2.  La mer est parti siecles avant

mais sa memoire reste dans la plage

ou poussent les fleurs comme des gants blancs

et l’herbe qui dans le fosse nage

fosse mysterieux sans fin

fosse qui fait mon chemin.

3.  La mer, qui peut-a-peut s’eloigne

qui passe un epoque en retraite

nous laisse les tours de Napoleon

le reste d’une guerre que je regrette;

le chateau d’Henri VIII en jaune

qui nous rappelle les cotes du Rhone.

4.  Ici l’histoire est toujours vif;

le colonialisme en retraite

les jours de the et de rosbif

quand tout to monde etait tout bete

on laisse tout ca avec chagrin

pour les sentiers du mystere sans fin.

5.  Que la guerre reste toujours lointaine!

Que les fleurs poussent partout dans le monde

et Henri VIII et Napoleon

dorment toujours dans une paix profonde

– et a la mer comme a la mer –

sentiers mysterieux sans fin

sentiers qui font mon chemin.

Last night at the Phoenix I performed ‘Blair’, a political poem expressing many of the reasons I didn’t vote Labour last time – before we watched ‘Spirit of 45’.  And I met the guy who has organised ‘Citizen’s Eye’ – a great local project designed to get people creating their own media: I went to his very useful blogging workshop on Wednesday.


OK that’s me done – over to you now.  Next Monday I hope to be putting some of your work in this space…











Kirk out



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2 responses to “Poetry Please!

  1. It’s probably all wrong and horrible. I never share my poetry because there are so many rules about poetry and I don’t know any of them and in my experience poetry people can be very fierce. I have others, but I don’t know where they are. These two I remember off by heart. I sometimes change the lines around as I’m never sure if it’s right or not.

    Indigo dark drop
    Hits the flood
    A river
    Tidal forming
    I am coloured
    By You

    Detached from concrete
    Spangles fly
    Pinprick my halo
    With a needlepoint of colour

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