It’s a Game of Two Tweets, Brian

Oops!  Really thought I’d published this earlier…. just goes to show I’m not 100%.

Good morning people! I am speaking to you from my bed this morning, using the tablet. Mark is burbling in my ear about why no one is called Fido or Sheba, and here I am trying to gather my thoughts about the film we watched last night. It was a film of two halves, or rather not a film at all but a rather unbalanced TV series, the first episode being an hour long and the second an hour and a half. I enjoyed the first part and was looking forward to the second – but alas! – like the infamous battle of Passchendaele, it got horribly bogged down and eventually I lost the will to live.  I soldiered on till I was demobbed, but sheesh! What a yawnfest!  It was soooooo sloooow!  And as some people have commented on imdb, some of the dialogue was indistinct – and there were no subtitles, so that didn’t help.  So Birdsong was very definitely a game of two tweets…

Today I shall be mostly… Tomatoing and recovering and not going to the vegan fair.

Kirk out


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