No-one Walks the Hemingway No More

That was a line which came to me in the bath.  I really should keep some kind of waterproof pen and notebook beside the bath, because like Archimedes I get my best ideas there.  This morning was no exception – I got no fewer than three lines on different themes, potentially forming parts of three different poems.  or maybe songs – I think the Hemingway line might do better as part of a song – perhaps about writers who aren’t much read any more.

I don’t know – do people still read Hemingway?  I haven’t heard him mentioned for a long time.

Anyway… yesterday I had to leave Pinggk early as my mind threw a bit of a wobbly: there were some poems and pictures from Linda Hart, an artist who recently died; and for some reason I started to feel on the verge of collapse.  On the way home it occurred to me that on Saturday it will be the anniversary of my Dad’s death – so I think that had a lot to do with it.

So today I shall be mostly… practising the ‘Man from Del Monte’ song and wrestling with the lines from the bath.

Kirk out


3 thoughts on “No-one Walks the Hemingway No More

  1. Hope you feel better soon.

    P.S. It’s mums aniversary at the weekend not Dad’s, dont know if it .akes a difference tho it’s still loss is’t it.

    1. I must have been thinking of Dad’s birthday being on the 2nd. When is the anniversary of his death? I’ve just been reading a book about memory loss – sums up a lot of my experience over the last 5 years Liz

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