Fear and Clothing in West Leicester

Today Mark is wearing a tasteful combo in mauve and maroon, with purple tights and a gold scarf.  I don’t like the scarf but the rest of it’s not too bad.  And by ‘not too bad’ I mean ‘Woah!  What the f*** is going on here?  That’s my husband in a skirt!!!’

Hmm.  Otherwise, I’m looking forward to a leisurely day today; I finished my review of ‘Ideas Above Our Station’ short story collection yesterday, after much groaning and gnashing of keyboards when the computer lost all my changes to it.  Anyway, I gritted my brain-cells and girt my molars and wrestled the bloody thing into a submission.


So it’s gone – and I hope to goodness this time they’ll publish it.  They’ve sent it back twice… and later on, we’ll be going to Peter’s for wine and nibbles.


Going back to Mark’s clothing – you’d think it might push me into being more ‘feminine’ – wearing make-up and dressing in pretty skirts.  Either that, or I’d go the other way and adopt a kind of lesbian/macho look.  But neither has happened; I just carry on as usual – even though half the time my brain is screaming ‘What the faaaaaaaaaaaa?’

So spare a thought for me as you watch the husband going through all this stuff.  Some of you already have, and I thank you for that – but for those of you who haven’t, yet, bend your brains in my direction, please.  Because, as usual, I don’t know what the f***’s going on.

Kirk out



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