Christmas Is A Time For…

Christmas is a time for… what?  Answers in a comment box, please – what are your Christmas rituals?  Do you go for the full Monty with roast thingy and all the wotsits?  Or the ‘alternative’ menu, like us?  Or do you bypass the whole thing and go to (shudders) McThingummygig’s?  I’d like to know.  Do you see family or friends?  Do you go to the pub?  Do you watch Dr Who and Her (Majesty) Indoors?  Or do you avoid the telly and listen to music?  Does Slade figure in your playlist?

Or Greg Lake?

What IS Christmas a time for?  Is it a time for snow?  Or warm winds and mud?  Do sleigh-bells ring in your ears or is that just a build-up of earwax?

I demand to know.

Meanwhile I am constructing a Christmas poem for Tomatoes, entitled ‘Christmas Spirit’, so if you want to hear it you’ll have to get yourselves down to the Martyrs next Saturday:

Last night at Yesim’s was small but perfectly-formed, featuring poems by Bobba, Stuart, Andy, Malcolm and eventually Marie-Christine and Mark.  I did a couple of songs, including my recent one called ‘The Man from Auntie’ and Bobba did a brilliant poem about old age called ‘LIP’ (Left in Peace).  We attempted ‘Nkosi Sikelele Africa’ in honour of Mandela but couldn’t manage it, however here is a much better version:

and finally.. Mark has discovered a new interest: arm-knitting.  Yes, you read that right: it’s knitting using your arms instead of needles.  I now have a mental picture of him engulfed in knitted yarn and needing to be cut free.

Here’s the video anyway:

Kirk out


5 thoughts on “Christmas Is A Time For…

    1. Yes. I wonder if she works on that speech all year. Or, being realistic, her poor old speech-writer does. Remember the ‘annus horribilis’?

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