…and so to the house

So we took the children to see the new house yesterday and they loved it!  Daniel took some photos; he loves his room and is particularly taken with the number of electric sockets in it – 9, where he currently (LOL) has one.  In fact the house is criss-crossed with extension leads as sockets are very thinly-strewn and date from about 1950.  We are also going from a house with one toilet to a house with three (three!) from a house heated in patches by electric heaters to one with full gas central-heating: from a house with a back yard to one with a garden and allotments nearby… I could go on and on, but instead I’ll just post a pic or two in a moment.  Got to go now: need to pack stuff and go to church and go to the Phoenix and perform poetry and go to Yesim’s and perform poetry and and and

and so to bed.

Oo!  Did you catch any of the diary of Pepys on Radio 4?  Not the first time it’s been on, but good nonetheless: