Hello Again

Well, hello my darlings and how have you been?  Did you miss me?  i’ve cone through now and I am speaking to you from the other side… of Leicester, but also the other side of life.  After all, to paraphrase the great man, a person who is tired of Leicester is tired of life, and so it was that we hauled, heaved, tugged, swore at, humped, strove with, bellowed at and generally squeezed our furniture and worldly goods into a transit van and out again at the oher end, decanting parts of it into a garage and other parts directly into the house.  Trip after trip we took, our arms becoming longer and our bodies wearier with each journey down the Welford Rd and along the Upperton Rd, hoping that the twat in the red car who nearly ran me over the other day would not be parked selfishly and annoyingly but irritatingly legally in Our Space, but often finding that he was.

The move took two days and it’s still not over – stuff remains at the old house to be sold, freecycled, chucked away or else buried in soft peat for up to four thousand years: decades of accumulated filth remain to be swept away in a fit of nausea and wailings of ‘however did we live here?’; keys need to be gathered and deposited and a cooker needs to depart the premises before we can truly say we have vacated Fosse Rd South forever.

I have to say we could not have managed without Jonathan.  Mark’s btother drove the van on the first day when I was not feeling confident about driving anything at all, though I was fine when i did get to drive it and ran it smoothly and carefully around the byways of Leicester until the very last moment when, going up the ramp to the car hire place, I stalled it.  Not once, but twice.  While a couple of blokes, under the impression that this was some kind of entertaining side-show, stood and watched.


So that’s it!  We’re in!  We’ve had loads of visitors already so if you know us in real life, pop round.

Kirk out


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