KIrk at Home

Well, my dears, and now it’s time for me to paint you a word-picture of the house.  No, I’m not going to upload any photos; you’ll just have to close your eyes and wallow in the beauty of my prose images.

We enter the house via the porch, having traversed the drive and admired the garage and exterior aspect of the front elevation.  Don’t forget to comment favourably on the area; the quietness of the streets, the proximity-without-invasiveness of the local shops; the respectfulness of the local cyclists (no cycling on pavements here) the lack of litter and dog-shit to negotiate.  The wide hallway gives onto the sitting-room which benefits from a bay window in which sits our computer, looking out onto the trees in the front garden.  At the end of the hallway we find the kitchen; an utterly lovely creation in cream and black, with more cupboards than anyone could possibly want, a breakfast bar and work surfaces enough to host a Great British bake-off.  My home-brew stuff now has a home of its own rather than being exiled to the outer darkness of the space under the stairs, every pot and pan has a place and oh!  the dishwasher!  Yes, instead of a crummy sink with no space around it, we have a dishwasher which even as we speak is humming quietly to itself as it suds away at our dishes.

And so to bed… where once we have used the bathroom (offering a choice of bath or shower) you can sleep in one of three bedrooms, two of which have built-in wardrobes enough for a family of ten.  Our bedroom faces North, so that in the morning we can watch the university waking up and the sun peep over the trees on Victoria Park.

it is utterly joyous to come to consciousness in a house where the heating wakes up before you and gently warms every cockle of its heart; where instead if queuing to use a toilet which will likely as not be blocked, you can use one of three toilets before jumping into the shower; a house where the kitchen is spacious and sparkling and where the living-room is free of clutter.  Even now, with boxes still unpacked, this place is still tidier than our old house ever was.

i do my yoga in the sunlounge and when the weather gets warmer, there’s the garden.

i have to pinch myself to believe that we are really living here.  It just hasn’t sunk in yet – but it really does feel like home already.

Do pop in!

Kirk out


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