And the neighbourhood is… awesome

I just had a walk around bits of our neighbourhood today.  By the way, I have taken to using the American word rather than the traditional British term ‘area’ because the latter is somewhat vague and makes me think of a Victorian basement courtyard.  Please note, though, that I insist on spelling ‘neighbourhood’ in the British way with an ‘o’.  As God intended.  Anyway… our street is an awesome street; quiet and treed, with parents walking their children to and from school in an unhurried way (the kids often on tiny trikes or bikes).  Last September the residents of our road closed it off for a day so that the children could experience street play.  Awesome!  If you go down our road and turn right, walking past the unutterably crap shop which is our local Spar (expensive, unhelpful and unfriendly) you will in time come to the Queens Rd shops.  On your right you will pass an old-fashioned heel bar which does all the oddly-assorted things that such places do, such as key-cutting and dry-cleaning: they cut a spare set of keys for Daniel and in spite of the guy not seeming to know what he was doing, the keys work.  Walking on, you will arrive at the junction with Clarendon Park Rd where on one corner sits the empty Barclays bank, site of the strongly-opposed potential Tesco’s.  ‘Over our dead bodies’ seems to sum up the local feeling, which I totally endorse.  Down Clarendon Park Rd is the library and the Co-op, and on Queens’ Rd itself stands a plethora of wonderful, quirky, pleasant (sometimes Green and Pleasant) local shops.  There are charity shops, including an Age Concern bookshop and coffee shop which is so hop that they actually asked if we wanted a reading list when we popped in; an Oxfam and Loros; a veg shop, a deli, two cafes, two bars and of course the lovely Quaker Meeting House where Mark and I got married.  At the far end is the vast expanse of Victoria Park and on the return sweep you can take in Green and Pleasant, the wholefood shop where Mark used to work, a couple of opticians (I’m having my eyes tested next week) and oh, so much more!  Best of all is the civilised manner in which people shop on Queen’s Rd; no barging or shoving, no bikes slaloming erratically between pedestrians, no dog-shit to swerve around and no lorries at all.  In the middle of all this sits an actual zebra crossing, possibly the last zebra crossing in the whole of England, where people Actually Stop!!! when you stand and wait.  If you tried that on Narborough Rd you’d be standing there all day.

It is a joy.  As Nemo’s mother said to his father, the neighbourhood is awesome.

must go now as Jack Woolley is being buried on the radio.

Kirk out


2 thoughts on “And the neighbourhood is… awesome

  1. Are you sure you haven’t moved to middle england literary fiction land, it sounds too neat and tidy to be true:-) I kind of have all these things, but they are scattered in amongst ‘Quality Save’ ‘B & M Bargains’ and an endlessly changing row of cheap and nasty takeaways. Hope you enjoy your new home.

    1. There are a few cheap shops and some takeaways but not enough to alter the ambience. I assure you the rest is not fiction! Come and see…

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