It Took HOW Long??

Well, today I have been mostly… unpacking boxes and dealing with the contents.  These have included horribly dusty tapes, horribly dusty CD’s, horribly dusty DVD’s – you get the picture.  Didn’t we ever dust in the old house? you may be wondering.  Well, we tried – which is to say, I tried, but short of having the featheriest of feather dusters which would whisk the offending particles of dust from the items without disturbing the delicate balance of our living-room, it was impossible to dust without risking an avalanche of chaos.  It would have been like one of those domino-toppling videos you see on youtube where one false move sets in train a chain of events which cannot be stopped until it’s finished.  In short, our old living-room was the perfect example of chaos theory.

But not so our new living-room!  In our new living-room there is space for everything and room to dust and sweep and beat and clean and – oh, everything!  Incidentally, did you know that most dust is actually flakes of skin?  According to Mark, that is…

So, having cleaned the tapes and CD’s etc and assigned them to their proper places, I went with Pat to the old house to pick up some stuff.  The old house is now such a pit of horror that it can barely be described; with all the furniture  and accoutrements removed, all that stands out is the nightmare of dust, dirt and damp which was the true nature of the place.  It needs a hell of a lot of work doing on it – central heating for starters, then re-wiring, re-plumbing, a new kitchen – more or less everything really.  Still, it was there for us when we needed it, and for that I am grateful.  So i picked up all my old LP’s which were languishing in the wardrobe for lack of a turntable; a set of tools that were living in an old bread-bin (one which I made myself when I had access to clay and a kiln, but whose lid sadly broke) and oh! just as I was leaving I caught sight of my Venus statue.  I nearly left that behind!  Claire made it for me for the chalet and it was hidden behind a bush so I almost didn’t see it.  It will look good at the bottom of this garden, I think.

And so to the futon.  Ah, the futon!  Once I’d got the ends the right way round and finally sussed out which screws went where and actually GOT THEM IN!!! it took me about an hour just to assemble the base.  As for the seat and back, they will have to wait until Mark gets home.

Time for dinner now…

Kirk out


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