New Mark, New Mandy, New Blog

I’ve started a new blog for Mark, promoting the herbal business.  It’s a new start for him; having moved to this area he is dissolving the partnership that was Mark’s Herbalists and setting up as Amanda or Mandy.  Strangely enough, I don’t mind this so much: it seems sort of appropriate to have that name as a herbalist so maybe it will chime with the public too.  I think he should do better in this area as well as the population are likely to be more in tune with alternative therapies.  I went down Queen’s Rd today and asked in the local shops and many of them take posters for free, including Green and Pleasant, the health food shop:

I guess it would compensate me in some measure for all the freakiness if he could really make a go of it here.  It was always a struggle before: people didn’t seem to know what herbalism was or how it was different from homeopathy.  Or even whether it was different from homeopathy.  Incidentally, have you heard the one about the homeopathy patient who died from an accidental underdose?

Ha ha ha.

So: herbalism is not homeopathy.  I shall be blogging about that as Mark/Mandy’s proxy: I think it’s probably best if I do the communicating as Mark’s stuff is far too technical.  So I shall give information about what herbalism is, what it isn’t, and what it can and can’t do.

Anyway, please take a look at the new blog and tell me what you think:


Kirk out


6 thoughts on “New Mark, New Mandy, New Blog

  1. As a Vulcan I’d be interested to know how far you will travel to see people – do you have interplanetary transport? I thought the homeopathy joke was very good, because it was so vicious. I suppose herbalism has received similar treatment, but don’t quote an anti-herbalist joke if you don’t want to 🙂 Spock out

    1. Mm. I’ll have to consult with Mark on how far he can go… since he inhabits another planet, I guess interplanetary stuff should be no problem. Did you find the homeopathy joke vicious? I thought it was funny and absurd. no, I don’t think I’ll go for any herbalist jokes tho

  2. I suppose I thought it vicious because I know someone who takes homeopathy very seriously, and it has, after all been around for a very long time. I’m afraid that a prime ingredient of a good joke is often its degree of viciousness. Think Thatcher… Perhaps I’ve misunderstood Earthlings’ sense of humour? We Vulcans don’t have one.

    Spock out

    1. LOL. Yes, sometimes jokes can be vicious, but sometimes they are an affectionate look at the absurdity of a situation. That’s how I saw this one, really – just a joke about how homeopathy is about taking minute doses of something and how that seems absurd, and taking that idea further to the notion of an underdose

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