I’m Completely Potty!

One thing I’ve noticed since we moved, is the number of pots we have.  I’m not talking about garden pots or saucepans or casserole dishes: I’m talking about pots I personally have created.  I used to make them by hand at Manor House Neighbourhood Centre, a truly wonderful community centre with a creche, a pottery studio and a tutor.  Sessions were very reasonably priced and I used to go every week and enjoy chatting with Lucy, Claire, Zoe and all the others.  It was really interesting to see what others were making and eventually the house was filled with pots I had made.  I spurned the wheel – too mechanistic – and went instead for hand-building, usually coil-pots or pinch-pots.  Coil pots are the traditional African type made by building a shape with sausages of clay, either in a single spiral or by laying circles one on top of the other.  When the shape is complete, you get a metal scraper and scrape it into the shape you want.  It’s amazing what different forms you can get out of one basic coil-pot: I’ve got fruit bowls, toothbrush-holders, jugs, cooking pots and pencil-holders all made from coil pots.  The other form I used to like was the pinch pot.  These are very tactile: you get a ball of clay and make it as spherical as you can; then you get both thumbs and stick them into the centre to make a well.  With fingers and thumbs you keep working the shape round until you get the exact form you want.  I’ve got loads of these and they hold all sorts of things from paper clips to guitar plectrums, from pen-drives to drawing pins.  I haven’t got any pics so if you want to see you’ll have to come and visit.

See you soon!

Oh, it would be great if you could also take a look at the herbal blog – mandysmeds.wordpress.com – and let me know what you think.

Kirk out


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