OK That’s Enough

I’ve given up on the digitising tablet as I can’t cope and you can’t comprehend a single non-word I’m not saying – so it’s back to the mainframe.  Well, it’s not a mainframe but you know what I mean.  A busy day today; cycling up to the Quaker’s on Queen’s Rd for an hour of lovely silence, punctuated by a few thoughts: the youngest contributor is Zeb, who as a Home-educated lad is obviously totally together and articulate.  Then home for soup and Casualty, our usual Sunday ritual, and so to town for the Left Unity People’s Arts’ Collective meeting.  This is a political effort which I am totally behind (or behind which I totally am, or something) which aims to introduce a dialogue between politics and the arts.  It’s not about funding for the arts, particularly, but about ways in which poetry, art, music, drama, street theatre and so much more, can contribute to the political dialogue.  Plans are afoot for a launch in September which will almost certainly include poetry and music but perhaps also many other art forms as part of the First World War commemorations.  We are particularly keen to represent the experiences of ordinary people and somewhere in my book collection I have a volume called ‘Forgotten Voices of the First World War’ (there’s a companion volume about the Second World War) which presents what I suppose we must call sound-bites from ordinary people about their perspectives and experiences.


And so home, meaning that I’ve cycled about 8 miles today.  Not bad…

Kirk out

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