That was the day, that was… and where did it go?  One minute I was awake unfeasibly early and bemoaning the lack of sleep throughout the white night; the next, it’s nearly time for the Archers (and I don’t mean the omnibus).  It’s not as if it’s been a specially eventful day, either: after the usual yoga session and boiled egg breakfast, I hung around the kitchen for a while until it was time to go for my weekly hour of silence at the Friends’ Meeting House.  I always find it hard to concentrate but feel tons better afterwards.  And so home to construct a curry for tonight and finding that annoyingly the tomato puree was in the freezer and undefrostable in the microwave, the tube being made of metal.  Incidentally, did I tell you that our microwave has a CHAOS button on it?  That gave us a laugh.  Probably accounts for the state of Mark’s brain, as well… After that Mark and I watched our ritual episode of Casualty, whereupon Peter arrived for yoga and wine (though not at the same time).  And that was the beginning of the end, since after a half-hour of stretching in chairs, we launched upon an unreasonably cheap box (yes, BOX!) of wine.  Apparently the Co-0p in Leicester are selling these for £9 each, which I’m sure has to be a mistake.  But so it is.  Sadly I have to report that the box is now almost empty.

And that was the day, that was.  sorry not to have any Deep and Significant thoughts – but life’s like that sometimes.  You just gotta roll with it…

Kirk out