No, I’m Not Dead Yet!

Yes, yes, I know it’s been a while – but I’m honestly not dead yet.  I just said I wouldn’t blog unless I had anything to say and I have been quite spectacularly un-loquacious for the last few days.  If my head was any bereft-er of ideas I’d be in a coma.  But! for some reason today I’ve perked up a little, so I shall update you on what I’ve been doing.

The good news is that Thresholds are publishing my short-story review on Thursday!  Yes, after getting me to do rewrites and rewrites of rewrites (as I told you before) they have finally got back to me and it’s coming out this week.  So I will post a link when it’s up.  Sadly I’m not getting paid for this one, but it’s something to put on the old CV I guess…

I’m also headlining at Pinggk! in a couple of weeks, which should be good –

and then in March I’m running a workshop for the Spring Event, jointly with Mike.  I guess we’d better start thinking about that soon.  And other work in progress includes a memoir of forgetting called ‘I am the Anti-Proust’ and a short story based on a Jane Austen character.  This is for a Chawton House competition – Chawton House being one of the places Austen grew up and which is now a Jane Austen museum.

The competition is to write a story based on a Jane Austen character, and I’ve chosen Emma’s sister Isabella.  I also thought about doing something with Jane Fairfax and making her some kind of political spy, but I’ve not got very far with that.  I’m avoiding Pride and Prejudice – too obvious, I think.

I’ve been cycling more; going into town and back yesterday and down to the local shops several times a week.  I got some lights for my bike at the weekend, so night-time cycling is also on the cards.  So long as the wind drops a bit – today I almost got blown back where I came from!

Kirk out