Hey you! Shut your mahf and look at the size of my Widget!

Well, didya notice the widgets?  The little informationy things at the side there, which tell you when I’ve posted and stuff?  I hope you did… I’ve been resisting using the twiddly bits of wordpress partly because I’m a little wary of twiddliness, but also – if I’m honest – because I’m a technophobe.  Whenever I’m confronted with words such as ‘sidebar’ ‘widget’ and ‘select’ – perfectly innocent words on their own, but deadly in combination – my brain goes into a coma and won’t wake until I’ve given it several really hot cups of tea.

Hang on, let’s take a slurp.  That’s better.  But I was persuaded to take a look yesterday and maybe add one or two of these features.  I keep meaning to study blogology with the aim of improving my traffic (I’ve learnt that term, at least) but I never get round to it.  It took me about two years just to connect to Facebook, for god’s sake!  (Incidentally does your spellchecker underline words such as ‘Facebook’, ‘internet’ and – I’ve just noticed this one – ‘spellchecker’?  That would mean that the spellchecker disapproves of itself!  But perhaps it wishes to be hyphenated: let’s ask it.  Spell-checker?  Ah, yes.  It’s perfectly calm now that I’ve added a dash (LOL) of punctuation.)

But I digress.  You can tell that because of the brackets.  Still, as with Proust it’s the digressions that are the most interesting, I think.  And speaking of Proust, I need to get finished today a memoir I’m writing called ‘I am the Anti-Proust’.  It needs to go off tomorrow, and I’m far from satisfied with it: still it will have to do.  I may have mentioned this before, but I wouldn’t remember because – appropriately – the piece is about memory-loss.  I’ve been suffering from memory loss ever since I started this blog – not that the two things are connected, except insofar as the blog helps me to remember what I’ve been doing.  Memory loss is horrid and it’s far more common in menopause than most people realise.

Oo!  I’ve just realised that the spell-checker doesn’t like the word ‘blog’.  That spell-checker is never satisfied…


On the other hand, I am happy to report that I did manage to pick up my inhaler yesterday.  So the day wasn’t wasted.  Oh, and Holly went to Lancaster on the 3 am coach and apparently loved the place!  So that is good.  I guess she’s sleeping it off now.

Kirk out


2 thoughts on “Hey you! Shut your mahf and look at the size of my Widget!

  1. Sorry. It’s bloody annoying. In fact it’s frightening sometimes. I recommend Red Clover, though – I’ve been taking it for a while and it does help. I’m hoping it will pass in time. meanwhile I’m writing a memoir called ‘I am the Anti-Proust’… lol

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