Thinking Inside the Box

I am getting rid of our boxes today, all being well: they have overrun the sunlounge for too long now and are to be freecycled to someone who is also moving house.  I was going to keep them but frankly if we do have to move again after a year (which God forbid) I will get hold of some Proper Boxes and not pack things in dribs and drabs using cast-offs from the Co-op.

If I seem a little distracted it’s because I’m listening to the News Quiz as we speak.  The NQ is very funny and well worth listening to more than once especially if, as we do, you listen to it over dinner and therefore have half of it drowned out by conversation.  Yesterday we went to see Daniel’s exhibition, ‘Open 25’: it’s the second year he’s been exhibited at the New Walk Museum, so he’s done very well.  There’s some good work there, so go and see it while it’s on:

As regards the iplayer, I can’t settle at all.  All my fave drama series have finished and I can’t get into Inspector George Gently, so I’ve been watching the occasional film which crops up there.  This one was quite good, and I got to practise my French into the bargain:

After that I did try to sit through the BAFTA’s, but in spite of it being hosted by Stephen Fry I found the mixture of toadying and self-parody as nauseating as ever.  I don’t think Fry does himself any favours by hosting this: he doesn’t appear at his best.  Not at all.  Give me QI any time.  Which I did, and have now exhausted the available episodes of this.  So it’s back to the videos I think…

Kirk out