Vote for Your McP

Mark means well, but sometimes his efforts at complimenting me go a little awry, such as this morning when he commented that he’d written a lot of nice stuff about me in his diary.  ‘Oo, read it out!’ I said – so he did, and -well, most of it was great; stuff like how good it was to be with me, what an awesome person I am, how happy he is, etc: but in a long list of my amazing qualities he noted my ‘chubby cheeks, facial hair and massive boobs.’

Mmm… thanks, darling…

Moving swiftly on, let us consider today’s question: who is actually running things?  Who is in charge here?  The people of Scotland are about to get a vote on their future, ostensibly so that they can have more control over their own country.  I’ve got a lot of sympathy with this: Scotland is a nation with a long history and on the whole if the majority of people there want independence, I think they should have it.  Of course this has implications for the UK as a whole, for the role of the Queen, for Scotland’s role in Europe, and so on – but it is a question to be decided by the people of Scotland.  After all, that’s what democracy is about, isn’t it?  The voice of the majority decides what happens.  That’s what we all believe in, isn’t it?  Even Winston Churchill who, god knows, was a long way from me politically, had this to say about it: ‘Democracy is the worst system – apart from all the rest.’

Actually I have paraphrased a little: here’s the original quote –

Yes, the people of Scotland will decide.  But here’s the rub: today Standard Life, a big employer and investor in the country, have weighed in with the comment that they will leave and go to England if Scotland votes for independence.

To be honest I find this outrageous on several levels; but mainly because a financial institution with vested interests should not be publicly trying to influence a democratic vote.  The principle of democracy is one person, one vote – but this is being skewed by corporations and their vested interests.  I worry very deeply about where we are going with this.  I worry that the people in charge are not the government we voted for but the multinationals behind the scenes.  I worry that if we privatise many more of our institutions there will be no-one and nothing left whom we can trust.  The Royal Mail has gone, the NHS is being parcelled up – how much longer before your MP, like the speaking clock, is sponsored by Accurist?  Or McDonald’s?

Vote for your McP, anyone?

Kirk out


2 thoughts on “Vote for Your McP

  1. Your thoughts on the upcoming vote in Scotland were ringing in my ears. I to have been thinking about the vote and the what happens next scenarios if the vote is yes for udi.
    Nowhere have i read , or heard the following.

    Scotland a separate country, why not? If Scotland goes it alone, there will be no Scottish members of westminsters parliament.
    That means a loss of approximately 50 labour constituencies , and half a dozen liberal democrats. The result of an English general election would be a Tory landslide victory.
    So that is why Gordon And Ed are making appeasing pleas for Scotland to remain part of the uk. They have their political futures to preserve, as to David and what’s his name the treasury bloke, are being condescending to the scots. They want them to leave.
    Ok we the English, would lose the oil and gas revenue. However we wouldn’t be paying out a fortune to subsidise the Scottish way of life, free prescriptions, free universities etc.
    Faslane submarine base would relocate to perhaps Newcastle, and provide a bonus for Geordie land. It is an interesting concept, I have felt for many years that the English have been under represented, having our own parliament would be a novel thing.
    In the same way that the USSR broke up 25years ago, and our empire broke up as we were growing up. It is time for the UK to break up.
    We the English have not had a national voice for too long, Scottish and Welsh votes in Westminster have prevented us from being heard.
    Now I am not a raving nationalist, I have always argued that nationality is an accident of birth. But for too long we have allowed ourselves to be pushed around by the welsh and Scots, who have enjoyed their own governments, whilst we the English have not.

    Time to get some things sorted re our change of adress now.

    1. All good points. I, too, can’t help wondering what will happen to us if Scotland gets independence. A Scottish friend of mine reckons it won’t be so bad; although we will lose a lot of Labour MPs, if Scotland is able to sustain its welfare commitments it may mean that English people wish to emulate their system and go back to voting for parties of the left. Of course, whether Labour is included in parties of the left is another question…

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