It’s a SPANISH sausage!

Not a bad day’s work today, considering.  A bit of head-gnashing in the morning, then I fell into a website with some competitions coming up and it gave me new heart.  I’m always a bit so-so about competitions: on the one hand the prizes can be really good – not only in terms of money but in terms of publication, contact with agents etc; on the other hand you have to pay to enter them.  They don’t necessarily cost a lot – Cinammon’s are usually about £12 for a novel extract or poetry collection, less for a single poem or story – but it’s all money and I don’t even want to think about how much I’ve spent in that way over the last few years.  However I found what I think I really need at the moment, which was a poetry pamphlet competition, only £10, closing date end of the month – and compiling poems for that kept me going most of the day.  I then thought I’d better pick up my guitar and practise a little so that I can remember how to play on 23rd when I do the Spring workshop with Mike.

Do come along to this – it’s free, it’ll be great fun and there’s a performance in the evening (you don’t have to do this if you don’t want though)

And you can find info about all Cinammon Press’s competitions here:

Now: I need to speak to you very seriously and I require your full attention.  OK?  It has come to my attention recently that people are eating chorizo.  Now, there is nothing wrong with eating chorizo.  I myself, quite apart from being vegetarian, do not happen to like chorizo but that is no problem.  The problem is this: chorizo is a Spanish sausage.  It is NOT!!! Italian.  Therefore it cannot under any circumstances be pronounced ‘chorit-so’.  And EVEN IF IT WERE Italian, it would have to have TWO z’s – like ‘pizza’ before one could pronounce it in that way.  So don’t let me ever, EVER catch you saying ‘chorit-so’.  It’s ‘chori-tho’.  With a ‘th’.  All right?  Or ‘choriso’ if you must.  But not ever, NEVER, ‘chorit-so’.  OK?

Kirk out