Oh, Look! They’re Growing our Tree!

Sorry I’ve been absent for a few days: I’ve been very up and down – in fact I feel a little seasick.  But!  I notice the blossom is just exploding everywhere; there are little flowers like stars landed in our hedge and bigger stars exploded on one of the bushes, and today I see that the magnolia is blossoming.  I love magnolia – it’s one of my favourite trees.  There’s something primeval about them, I think, like a mangrove-swamp; and the delicate beauty of the petals is beyond description.  Mark and I were discussing the unsatisfactoriness of the paint-colour and how little relation it bears to the actual thing.  A triumph of marketing over reality, I think.  But then, doesn’t marketing always triumph over reality?

At the weekend we managed to identify our tree.  This grows in the gardens of the Friends’ Meeting House (well, in the car-park to be exact) and we gave it to them because it was a wedding present and we didn’t have a garden to plant it in.  We’d like to take a cutting at some point and propagate an offspring.

My news-fast is going quite well.  I haven’t been able to escape a couple of deaths – Tony Benn and Clarissa Dixon-Wright, political opposites if there ever were any; but I haven’t followed up on them.  I am not really missing it at all, and quite frankly I’ve got enough of my own stuff going on without hearing the world’s problems every day as well.

And now I must be off, as dinner awaits.  Toodle-pip and I love you all (I think I’ve been watching too much Morecambe and Wise…)

Kirk otu