O What a Tangled Web we Mix…

… when first we practise – politics.

That rhyme (which I thought was quite clever) is going through my mind at the minute as I am going through the motions.  Oh, the motions!  Can people not express themselves more concisely?  I always do.  I’m the queen of concision – I never use two lexical units where a single item of verbiage will do.  Ho ho.  By the way, do you ever do what I do when listening to ‘Just a Minute’ – ie try to play the game yourself?  It’s quite extraordinarily difficult.  It’s like one of those puzzles where you can get three out of four but never quite * square the circle.  You can carry on without repetition but sooner or later you’re going to have to hesitate in order to allow your brain to breathe.  Or else you can carry on without pausing but go off the topic.  Or stick to the topic and not pause but repeat a word.  It really is quite * the hardest panel game on the radio today – perhaps because it’s also the oldest.

But I digress.  Buzz!  Deviation from the topic on the card which was political motions.  And I am trawling through a veritable ocean of motions (oo! that rhymed!) for the Left Unity conference which is coming up in a couple of weeks.


There’s still time to join and register for the conference if you want an alternative to the market-led zeitgeist and especially if you think the Labour party has deserted the people who formed it; if you are against the privatisation of the NHS and prisons and education provision and – oh, god, just about everything that moves; if you want a more compassionate and less greedy society, and so on.  However I advise caution when going through the motions.  Some of them are quite extraordinarily wordy.  But I am pleased to note that Leicester’s three are short and to the point.  Would that everyone expressed themselves so.  It’s pointless rambling on and on – it just sends everyone to sleep.

The conference is on the 29th and I’ll keep you posted.  I may even get the chance to do a poem – my one about the bedroom tax has been well-received everywhere.

Kirk out


*someone should buzz in at this point as I’ve just repeated the word ‘quite’