Spring has Pingked!

Yes, it’s official: spring is here, the muse has ris: I wonder where the poet is?  The poet, let me tell you, is at Embrace arts – along with all the other poets and participants in the excellent series of workshops put on by Bobba et al.  I know whereof I speak, for I was one of those poets: along with Mike, I led a workshop on rhythm in poetry which was supported by a tabla player with a dozen hands (or so it seemed when he was playing).  We had seven people and after some warm-ups we did different rhythms in poetry, rapping them, clapping them, slapping them and flapping them.  Then they divided into groups and worked on a piece which was going to form the basis of a performance.  They did really well in the end, setting a poem to dance and moving around the stage with scarves and saris while I strummed my guitar, Rishi played the tabla and his amazing sitar-playing friend played the sitar amazingly.  The whole day wound up with Mellow Baku and everyone coming together to sing and dance.  Terrific!

And so to bed…

Today I’ve been working on an application to Embrace Arts to run a series of workshops in the autumn on the theme of rhythm and rhyme.  Should be fun… I have also hit upon a novel kind of business card – a poem card!  I’m sick of those boring rectangular business cards that everyone has a million of in their wallet.  There they sit like men and women in business suits, all the same and all BORING!  So I have come up with the poem card.  These are great: they not only have a short poem on them, but each one is also uniquely shaped.  So now not only do you have my details, you have a poem to read and to ponder.

What’s not to like?

I’m also writing a review of a book of short stories which has to go off soon, and various bits and bobs with which I shall not bother your pretty little heads.

Pinggk tomorrow.  See you there I hope.

Kirk out

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