My Experience of Taking Herbs

Mandys Marvellous Meds

I thought I should tell you something about my experience of taking herbal medicine.  As I think I mentioned, herbal medicine usually comes in the form of a tincture, an alcohol-based liquid in which a strong form of the herb is preserved.  The usual way to take it is to measure it into a cup, add a splash of boiling water and then drink.  The water is to drive off the alcohol.  But being lazy I usually don’t bother: I take a swig from the bottle.  This leads to me getting my wrists slapped as it’s not recommended, but hey – it seems to work all right.

So: what am I taking at the moment?  The only thing I take regularly is valerian to help me sleep.  This usually works pretty well and it has the added advantage that you don’t feel dopey in the morning.  Apart from that I…

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