Faith, Belief and Certainty

Here’s my recent report on last week’s Drink and Think meeting. Hopefully Jan can add some comments

Drink and Think Leicester

Well!  We had what I thought was the best discussion ever on the topic of ‘Faith, Belief and Certainty’ last Monday, 31st March.  I was somewhat nervous lest the discussion should centre on religion and be adversarial; but we barely touched on religion and it was not adversarial in the least.

Eight of us gathered in the Ale Wagon including newbies Rowan and Willow: Jan put us under starters’ orders, and off we went.  We talked about how little there is in life of which we can be absolutely certain: of whether faith is the same as trust.  We wondered who we do believe in nowadays, now that priests and the church have largely lost their authority, and whether belief in science is different from belief in something like God.  Some of us thought there was no such thing as an essential self, but only a bundle of changing impressions…

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