On Not Closing Westcotes Library

As we speak I am waiting for my chocolate biscuits to arrive.  Today I nearly decided that there was a worm-hole in this house where lost things went, since this week I have irretrievably lost a packet of paracetamol and a pair of glasses.  I looked everywhere and didn’t find either, so I was really coming around to some supernatural explanations when I moved some paper and found the glasses.  They were camouflaged by some rather complicated scrambled wiring on the desk-top which involves a pair of speakers, an ipod, a battery-charger and several unidentified lengths of black wire which are quite possibly just sitting there and breeding.  So that put paid to the wormhole theory, although I have yet to find the paracetamol.  Anyone taken them?

Cycled over to Tomatoes this morning; thence into town where Mark bought a little black dress (90% off at Internacionale) and we looked at beds for Daniel.  While at Tomatoes I discussed the lyrics of Carmina Burana with Nina who had recently sung in a performance of it: apparently the words are so filthy that if they were in English it would never be performed.  I guess Latin makes everything sound respectable, if not positively ecclesiastical.

And so home, where my afternoon nap was interrupted by Mark ejaculating that a car was at that very moment backing into our drive (yes, we’ve got a drive!)  Jonathan and Nerissa (for it was they) got out and proceeded to positively visit us for three quarters of an hour or so.

On my way into town I met someone I used to know who charged up to me and said breathlessly, ‘The very person!’

‘Tell on,’ I said.  ‘You interest me strangely.’

She proceeded to relate that the local library on Narborough Rd was under threat of closure and that there would be a meeting on Friday afternoon and could I write a poem?  I could, and I will.  they absolutely can’t close that library: it’s too important to the community.  Children’s groups meet there, as do reading groups, schools’ groups, knit and think groups and all sorts of things.  I’ll spare you the rant that is threatening to burst from my agitated fingers about the impact of the cuts: suffice it to say that I will do what I can to keep the place open.  So that’s a poem this week and a meeting on Friday for starters.

Come down and join us:


The meeting is from 1-3 on Friday afternoon.

I may even make it to Yesim’s tomorrow: I’m going down to the Martyrs in the morning and to a Left Unity People’s Arts Collective meeting in the afternoon where I shall most definitely mention the library.  So I might as well stay in town and go to Yesim’s afterwards.

Kirk out



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